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Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions

If you're considering options for achieving fuller, longer looking lashes, you may be wondering whether a lash lift or lash extensions is the best choice for you. While both methods can give you beautiful, luscious lashes, there are a few reasons why a lash lift may be the better option:

  1. Natural look - A lash lift uses your natural lashes and lifts them up, giving them a more natural, curved appearance. Lash extensions, on the other hand, involve adding synthetic lashes to your natural lashes, which can sometimes look fake or heavy.

  2. Low maintenance - Lash lifts require minimal maintenance, as you simply need to brush your lashes daily and avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours after the treatment. Lash extensions, on the other hand, require regular touch-ups and can be high maintenance in terms of upkeep.

  3. Long lasting - Lash lifts typically last for 6-8 weeks, while lash extensions may need to be filled in or replaced every 2-3 weeks.

  4. Gentle on your lashes - Lash lifts are a gentler option for your natural lashes, as they do not require the use of adhesives or the removal of synthetic lashes.

If you are interested in trying a lash lift, consider visiting Bare and Beautiful in St. George, Utah. I am trained in the latest lash lift techniques and can help you achieve beautiful, natural-looking lashes. We offer lash lift services to clients in the St. George, Washington, Hurricane, Ivins, and Santa Clara areas, and we are committed to providing top-quality beauty services in a comfortable and professional environment. Don't hesitate to contact me today to schedule your appointment and discover the bare and beautiful difference.

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